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Big Bang Depeche Mode

Hublot released 12 pieces of Big Bang Depeche Mode limited edition watches, which used Depeche Mode album cover as dial design. Hublot is very hot in watch industry in recent years, it develops the design of combination of precious metal and rubber strap, low-profile luxury but amazing, Hublot becomes the classic model with large-face design, it is also the favorite of fashion enthusiasts. This time, cooperated with Depeche Mode, Hublot published the Big Bang Depeche Mode watches and donated all the money to Teenage Cancer Trust. The members of Depeche Mode are also the fans of Hublot, Martin L. Gore said: "As super fans of Hublot, we are very happy to coporated with Hublot, to create the 12 unique watches for charity."

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